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Do I need to provide my ID & Contact details when selling scrap?

Yes you are required to produce your ID document each time you sell us your scrap material. We are governed by strict laws pertaining to the trade of scrap metals and Howick Scrap Metal complies fully with the authorities.

Does Howick Scrap Metal sell second hand car parts?

No, Howick scrap metal does not sell second hand car parts. All vehicles that are legally scrapped arrive at the yard ready for processing.

Does Howick Scrap Metal buy and sell Silver and Gold?

Howick Scrap Metal does not trade in any precious metals such as Gold & Silver.

What is the difference between Ferrous and non Ferrous metal?

Chemically, the main difference is that ferrous metals contain iron, while nonferrous metals do not. … There is also a big difference in weight: nonferrous metals, like aluminum, copper, and brass, are much lighter than ferrous metals, like carbon steel, cast iron, and wrought iron.

Why does the price of scrap metal change?

This is mostly due to the simple law of supply vs demand, be assured that Howick Scrap Metal will always pay the best possible prices for your scrap metal.

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